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Who we are

At Restore And More, we are passionate about piano restoration and take great pride in our work. Each piano is brought back to its former glory with our individual experience and expertise. We love bringing well-worn and loved pianos back to life.


Our technicians have worked across the UK on hundreds of pianos; they have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of their craft and are always learning and building on this knowledge.

Behind the scenes

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Hello, I’m Martha and I run Restore and More. 

My initial desire to be a piano technician began with my work experience placements as a teenager, but it took me another five years to find my way back into the trade. 


After completing my degree as a classical pianist in London, I realised that I was in the right industry, but the wrong profession and so, having graduated, I was taken on as an apprentice Piano Technician and Tuner at a top London workshop.

It soon became evident to me that there was a large gap in the piano restoration trade; a lack of skilled piano technicians who fitted in between experts retiring and people like myself.


Over the last few years, I strived to bridge that gap and gain as much expertise from incredibly skilled and knowledgeable mentors, whose guidance I have been fortunate enough to work under and learn from.

This has culminated in Restore And More, founded on a passion to continue providing and preserving a skilled trade and to ensure the very best quality service possible for all things piano.

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I hope to continue the process of learning and growing, passing my skills on to the next generation. This is how our trade will stay connected to the current market, changes, enhancements in technique and innovations that are available today.


The aim of Restore and More is to be at the forefront of preserving the skills and craft of piano restoration.


We would love to hear from you with any questions or queries regarding our piano services. Please contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to answer any enquiries. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you bring your beloved piano back to life.

07598 168004

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