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The Process

The Process

Each piano restoration is a very complex and personal procedure, which is why we begin with a full inspection and report. Below is a summary of the most often required services to help you gain an understanding of the full process.

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What is Restoration?

Our piano restoration process is multi faceted and includes:

- restoring the soundboard

- repinnning and stringing the piano

- rebuilding the action and dampers

- stripping, repairing and hand polishing casework

- full regulation and retune.


We use only the highest quality materials and take great care to ensure that each piano is restored to its full potential. Our experience and craftsmanship will bring your instrument back to life with attention to detail that ensures the highest level of quality.

piano stringing
piano restoration, repair and tuning near me


Repinning and Stringing

Our repinning and stringing service provides the stability and tuning for between 15-20 tonnes of tension, allowing for the perfect sound on your piano. This is an essential service that contributes to the stability and tone production of your piano, allowing for a beautiful and rich sound every time you play. We use only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure your piano is restored to its original state. With our repinning and stringing service, you can be sure that your piano will be sounding beautiful for years to come.

In some cases the wrest plank which houses the pins will have split and be unable to take the tension placed upon it. This will be carefully assessed at our workshop and a new wrest plank will be crafted if necessary. Similarly, the frame must also be free of fractures and cracks. All this will be discussed with you to keep you fully informed.

piano casework sanding
piano restoration, repair and tuning near me



Whether your piano is a modern instrument or a traditional classic from the golden age of piano building (1890-1930), our casework services will bring any piano back to its former glory. We use traditional methods and meticulous attention to detail to restore the beautiful wood finishes, natural tones and veneers to their original colour and vigour. Using trusted techniques we can return your piano to a stunning piece of furniture for years to come.

soundboard repairs
piano restoration, repair and tuning near me



Soundboard restoration is an essential part of piano restoration. Our service focuses on optimizing the resonator of the piano, the building block that the piano is built on. This is essential for a pure and even tone. We use the best quality materials and techniques to ensure that your piano will sound as good as new.

piano action
piano restoration, repair and tuning near me


Action, Keyboard and Damper Assembly

The action, keyboard and dampers are composed of hundreds of moving parts. This intricate system needs to move smoothly in tandem through the process from pressing the key to the hammer's final resting position. Our rebuild and restoration service ensures this process is optimal and your piano is not being compromised by an old and worn out inner mechanism. This includes restoration of ivory key tops and as some mechanisms are more worn than others, will be tailored to the specific needs of your piano. 

piano being tuned
piano restoration, repair and tuning near me


Regulation and Tuning

Regulation and tuning is the perfect finishing touch to your piano restoration. It provides the necessary mechanical adjustments to create a smooth and comfortable playing experience. After restringing, your piano will be tuned a minimum of 10 times and delivered above concert pitch to help it settle in to its new environment. With our regulation and tuning, you can be sure your piano will sound the best it possibly can.

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