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Holiday Series: What Can I Play On The Piano At Christmas?

In this post we will give our reccomendations for some quick and easy songs you can learn on the piano to wow your friends and family this Christmas. Maybe you haven't been practicing much lately, or the festive season just snuck up on you but with our recommendations we think you'll be able to play some easy Christmas carols in no time.

We haven't included lots of songs or lots of different styles of playing, because we know that if you've come here it's to help in an emergency when you have no time for complicated explanations or hours of practicing! So we have kept it very simple with just 4 of our favourites and crowd pleasers, in their simplest formats. If you're a more skilled pianist you should be able to develop and extend these songs.

Jingle Bells

Why not start with a classic, Jingle Bells! This song is nice and easy for two main reasons. Everyone knows how it goes and for most of the song it uses only five notes! This video will show you how to play the basic right hand melody with a simple left hand accompaniment.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas is our second reccomendation. It's another classic and a must have for on the day when the Christmas pudding comes out! Nice and repetitive, this song has a repeating pattern that is played one note higher each time in the melody, making it easier to rememeber. This video will help you conquer this Christmas melody in no time at all.

Silent Night

Silent Night is a crowd pleaser. It's a little more difficult but well worth putting in the effort to learn. Make sure if you are playing all of the versus to play quietly on the verse about baby Jesus sleeping, you don't want to wake the baby! The video below gives you a quick rendition to learn from and includes pictures of the keys colour coded to make it easier.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Our last reccomendation is Oh Come All Ye Faithful. This is actually one of our favourite Christmas Carols and is particularly popular with Grandparents in our experience! Just remember if you're singing around the piano to try and keep everyone together and if it all goes wrong, just laugh and keep going!

We hope this post Holiday Series: What Can I Play On The Piano At Christmas? has helped you learn some quick Christmas carols ready for the big day. Just remember, it's the thought that counts and people will appreciate any efforts you make.

A mini Christmas tree sitting on the piano keys
Christmas at the piano

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