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Composer: Beethoven

There are hundreds of composers in the world, some more well than others, but few more well known that Ludwig Van Beethoven. Continue reading this short blog to learn the essential facts about this fascinating composer and his influence on the world of the piano.

Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in December of 1770 in Germany and was primarily taught the piano by his parents for his early years. that being said by the age of 13 Beethoven had composed his first Piano Variations under the tutelage of Christian Neefe. At the age of 21 Beethoven moved to Vienna to study composition under Haydn.

Having gained a reputation as a piano virtuoso Beethoven soon gained patronage for his composition works by Prince Lichnowsky, which culminated in Opus 1 Piano Trios, the first of the Opus compositions in 1795 at the age of only 25.

Beethoven continued to compose works including those for orchestras and the violin, until he composed his last Piano Concerto No. 5 Op.73 in 1811. Beethoven was entirely deaf by 1814 and removed himself from the life of performing at this time. I 1827 at the low age of only 57 Beethoven passed away.

Over the course of his career Beethoven composed 32 solo piano sonatas; 29 shorter piano pieces including Fur Elise; 20 piano variations and 5 piano for four hands; not to mention other extensive concertos and countless other pieces for various instruments. In total Beethoven composed 722 works. Some of his more famous works for piano include Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, and his Fifth Symphony.

Beethoven's works spread from the Classical Era over the Romantic and his works are generally split in to three sections over his life; early, middle and late. It is in the middle part of Beethoven's life where he took great influence from the likes of Haydn and Mozart.

We hope you have enjoyed this short and sweet blog on Composer: Beethoven and it has helped you learn the essential facts on his fascinating life.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven


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