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'The Key' to Pianos at a Pub Quiz: 10 Piano Pub Quiz Questions

It's that time of week again, perhaps a Sunday evening. There you are at the pub working together as friends: no, as team mates. The local pub quiz has never been your 'forte' but every one else is participating, sticking at oar in:

  • What is the largest mammal on earth? Whale

  • What fruit is commonly known as a vegetable? Tomato

  • How many oceans are there? 5

You know that your moment is coming, the moment that you have been waiting for. Your heart races, palms sweat like you're preparing for a spring; and suddenly, the quiz master asks a piano related question.

The room freezes. Your team mates gaze absentmindedly around and you smile.

This, is your moment.

Below we have listed the answers to the 10 Piano Pub Quiz Questions most commonly asked. We hope that you use them to claim your moment in the spotlight with confidence.

  1. What colour are sharp and flat keys on the piano? Black

  2. How many pedals does a standard piano have? Three

  3. What is the name of the furthest right pedal on a standard piano? Sustain Pedal

  4. In which country was the piano invented? Italy (by Bartolomeo Cristofori)

  5. What was the term piano originally short for? Pianoforte

  6. Which composer is known for his beautiful piano compositions, including the Moonlight Sonata and the Raindrop Prelude? Beethoven

  7. If you went to see a piano concerto performed in a concert hall, what kind of instrument would the pianist most likely play on? Grand Piano

  8. What country does the pianist Lang Lang come from? China

  9. Who composed the Rondo Alla Turca (Turkish March)? Mozart

  10. What is the name for the piano’s closest predecessor, which was an important instrument in music from the Baroque and Renaissance periods? Harpsichord

Pub Quiz: 10 Piano Pub Quiz Questions
10 Piano Pub Quiz Questions


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